Event 6: Programme and Resources

Event 6

Below is the programme of studies prepared for this course. Resources generated for some of the sessions can be accessed through the links included in the programme.

Reading List

Day 1: Science and Gender: New Perspectives (University of Leicester)

Session 1 Gowan Dawson (Leicester): ‘“And if it be a Pretty Woman all the Better”: The Cultural Politics of Sexual Selection’ (workshop)
Session 2  Mike Brown (Roehampton): ‘Victorian Medicine and Masculinity at Home and Abroad’ (slides)
Session 3  Claire Brock and Holly Furneaux (Leicester): ‘Women Surgeons and Male Nurses in Wartime’ (preparation) (reading)

Day 2: Constructing a Science of Society (Keele University)

Session 1 Gordon Fyfe (Keele): ‘Visualizing Society: Museums, Social Science, and Keele’s Sociology Archive’
Session 2  Chris Renwick (York): ‘Back to the Future: Patrick Geddes, Biology, and a Counterfactual History of British Sociology’
Session 3  Helen Burton (Keele): Demonstration of the Le Play Archive Catalogue and opportunity for students to look at some of the material (flyer) (handout)

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