Event 2: March 2010

Event 2

25-27 March 2010

Day 1: Bibliographic Tools in Literature, Medicine, and Science Interdisciplinary Research (Wellcome Library)

Day 2: How to do Meaningful Interdisciplinary Research Linking Literature and Medicine (King’s College London)

Day 3: Literature, Medicine, and Material Culture (Royal College of Surgeons)

The teaching team was Simon Chaplin (RCS), Jane Darcy (KCL), Brian Hurwitz (KCL), Frances Larson (Durham), Ross McFarlane (Wellcome Library), Jenn Philips-Bacher (Wellcome Library), Carol Reeves (Wellcome Library), Sharon Ruston (Salford), William Schupbach (Wellcome Library), Alannah Tomkins (Keele), and Neil Vickers (KCL).

There were twenty funded places given to doctoral students for this training event.

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