Event 2: Programme and Resources

Event 2

Below is the programme of studies prepared for this course. Resources generated for some of the sessions can be accessed through the links included in the programme.

Reading List

Day 1: Bibliographic Tools in Literature, Medicine, and Science Interdisciplinary Research (Wellcome Library)

Session 1 Ross MacFarlane (Wellcome Library): ‘Introduction to Wellcome Library’s Collections’ (slides)
Session 2 William Schupbach (Wellcome Library): ‘Reading Paintings, Prints, and Drawings’
Session 3 Carole Reeves (Outreach Historian, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL): ‘Utilising New Technologies: Making Films and the History of Medicine in Motion Project’ (LitSciMed Film Competition flyer) (‘Wellcome Library’s LitSciMed Film Competition’ on Films page)
Session 4 Frances Larson (Honorary Research Fellow, Durham, and author of An Infinity of Things: How Sir Henry Wellcome Collected the World (Oxford University Press, 2009)): Tour of Medicine Man Gallery
Session 5 Ross MacFarlane (Wellcome Library): Tour of Wellcome Library
Session 6 Jenn Phillips-Bacher (Wellcome Library): ‘Online Resources at the Wellcome Library’ (slides)
Session 7 Chris Hilton (Wellcome Library): ‘Archives, Manuscripts, and Rare Books’

Day 2: How to do Meaningful Interdisciplinary Research Linking Literature and Medicine (King’s College London)

Session 1 Neil Vickers (KCL): ‘The Fallacy of Retrospective Diagnosis and How a Knowledge of Medical History Might Aid Literary Interpretation and How it Can Mislead’
Session 2  Brian Hurwitz (KCL): ‘The Case History as Genre’ (slides)
Session 3  Jane Darcy (KCL): Guided tour of Foundling Museum with further time to explore
Session 4  General discussion time, McRae Gallery, Royal College of Surgeons

Day 3: Literature, Medicine, and Material Culture (Royal College of Surgeons)

Session 1 Simon Chaplin (RCS): Tour of Hunterian Museum
Session 2 Sharon Ruston, Alannah Tomkins, Simon Chaplin: Reading Group – ‘Object Narratives in Medical and Scientific Literature’ (slides)
Session 3 Individual presentations: Preparation time

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