Mud, Sweat and Tears: PhD fieldwork in Uganda

#Envisionhighlight from Laura Hunt Fieldwork presented some unique challenges, including using heavy coring equipment in deep lakes from the confines of a small inflatable boat and having to chase monkeys away from stealing limnology equipment, but was by far the highlight of PhD so far! Visiting my beautiful field sites in person gave my research […]

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Envision students’ highlights and challenges

We asked our students what their biggest highlights and challenges have been throughout their time as Envision PhD students. Both my most exciting and challenging moments were during fieldwork in Greenland this summer. Hiking for multiple hours every day was really draining, and I was nervous using expensive equipment and to finally commit to methods […]

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Adventures on an icebreaker doing Arctic science

Iceberg-Jack Garnett

Jack Garnett describes the wonder of a 3-week scientific expedition to the Arctic collecting samples for his ‘ENVISION’ PhD research into the impact of human-made pollutants in this remote region. I had tried to get fieldwork from the start of my PhD, but getting into the Arctic to collect samples is incredibly difficult, especially for […]

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