Gordon Chapman-Fox

Flow Modification in a Tidal Farm and Potential Effects on Marine Habitats

Dan Potter – Lancaster University Supervisors: Andrew Folkard Suzana Ilic David Evans Stephen Quayle Summary The project aims to investigate the interaction of tidal stream turbine farms used for electricity generation with the surrounding marine environment. The change in behaviour of the ambient flow and the impact of these changes on the wider marine environment […]

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Bedload Transport of Sediment Mixtures in Shelf Seas

Connor McCarron – Bangor University Supervisors: Katrien Van Landeghem Jaco Baas Laurent Amoudry Ian Taylor Alan Roberts Summary The morphology of the seabed is controlled primarily by bedload sediment transport processes while the UK’s shelf seas are comprised of mixed sediments (i.e. sand and gravel) due to deposition of reworked sedimentary material by paleo-glacial processes. […]

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Mixing in the Surface Mixed Layer of Temperate Shelf Seas

Brian Scannell – Bangor University Supervisors: Tom Rippeth Mattias Green Jeff Polton John Siddorn Summary The ocean plays a vital role in our climate, absorbing and transporting heat and carbon; the exchanges of heat and gases such as CO2 between the atmosphere and the ocean are directly influenced by sea surface temperature, which in turn […]

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