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Katie Sieradzan

PhD: Impacts of sea level rise on atmospheric CO2 concentration during deglacial – glacial periods

School of Ocean Sciences
Bangor University

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I am a first year physical oceanography PhD student at Bangor University, studying the impacts of sea level on atmospheric CO2 since the Last Glacial Maximum. So far, 75% of the drop in CO2 during glacial periods has been accounted for I need to find the other 25%!

Previously, I have conducted research on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and the impacts of meltwater from the ice sheet on the global ocean circulation system. The research was presented as a poster at EGU 2015.

I also spent 2 months working at the MARUM in Bremen (Germany) looking at palaeoceanography using Baffin Bay foraminifera. This involved sampling a sediment core from Baffin Bay at 1cm resolution, preparing all the samples and picking forams out of each sample. These forams were then used in carbon isotope analysis. I also used an XRF scanner to examine the core.

I have also completed my PGCE in secondary geography in 2017, following which, for two years, I was a high school geography teacher at a school in Barnsley. Throughout my teaching career, I was graded good with outstanding features.


See the below infographic for more information about Katie’s exciting research. This was created by Katie during an Infographics training course delivered by Infohackit and organised by Envision.

Infographic to show Katie's research