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The greening of the Arctic Ocean: Are increased nutrient fluxes responsible?

This exciting project, which is jointly supervised by scientists from the National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool and Bangor University, focuses on a key question in Climate Change Science; i.e. is the greening of the Arctic Ocean, which is being observed as sea ice retreats, a result of increased mixing up of nutrients from depth? To the answer this question the student will integrate a large database of small scale turbulence measurements with biogeochemical samples and remoted sensed ocean colour data. Furthermore envisaged that the student will have the opportunity to collect new data through participation in a research cruise to the Arctic Ocean. The outcomes of this project will be potentially publishable in high impact journal papers.

Applicants should hold a minimum of a UK Honours degree at 2:1 or equivalent in subjects such as oceanography, environmental sciences, chemistry or physics.

For further details please contact Dr Yueng- Djern Lenn,