Current Research Projects

  • Monitoring of patients with brain implants and neurodegenerative disease with eye-tracking (with Prof Chrystalina Antoniades, Oxford and Lancaster University collaboration) 

  • Motor Imagery and observation learning in Parkinson’s Disease (with Manchester (Dr E Poliakoff) and Lancaster University (Dr S Vogt) collaboration, ERSC, MRC funded)

Prediction in patients with psychosis (with Dr E Smith, Cambridge University and Lancaster University collaboration, Leverhulme funded)

  • Carbon Monixide effects on cognition(with Prof C Holland, Beth CheshireLancaster University, Faculty of Health and Medicine, Gas Safety Trust funded)

  • Crime and Ageing  (with Dr. L Warmelink, Psychology, Lancaster University, ESRC funded)

  • Effects of Parkinson’s disease on the perception of action boundaries (with Dr Sally Linkenauger & Ellen Poliakoff, Psychology, Lancaster & Manchester & Auckland University, ESRC funded)

  •  EEG & cerebral blood flow (Neurovascular) coupling in Alzheimer’s disease (with Prof Stefanovska, Juliane Bjerkan, Physics Dept, Lancaster University, SJFF funded)

  • Professor David Allsop and I have collaborated for  20 years. We started by meeting regularly with  local people (The Friends of Lytham Hospital) who decided to generous fund our initial PhD students using funds raised from volunteers. We received  grant funding  for the last 13 years from various funders that has advanced the careers of many PhD students, provide a promising early diagnostic test, and help to develop a new drug to treat  Alzheimer’s disease.