Welcome to my lab which is located in the Psychology Department, Centre for Ageing Research at Lancaster University, UK.

Our team combine eye-tracking with other techniques (e.g. neuropsychological test brain imaging EEG, NIRS) to detect the precise cognitive processes that are affected in disorders of the brain (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease).

This work enables us to work with populations of neurodegenerative diseases, substance abusers and learning deficits. We work closely with our colleagues at the Universities of Oxford, Manchester and Nottingham Trent. We also have a growing number of international university collaborations that includes national (Oxford, Manchester, Nottingham) and international (New Zealand, Portugal, Norway, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland) colleagues.

We are particularly interested in the use of these methods across all cultures (left: research in a Hindu Temple in the NorthWest of England) to create screening tools for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Our research is supported by the EPSRC, NHS & ESRC the Sir John Fisher Foundation. We are currently recruiting participants through JDR (seeĀ  Links).