Lancaster Intellectual party/PhD summer conference

The DEMAND centre – for lots of information on current research on the dynamics of energy, mobility and demand.

Practice theory methodologies do not exist 
A contribution to the practice theory methdologies blog

Articles in the Conversation
All this talk about lights hides bigger energy challenges
Smart meters don’t make us any smarter about energy use
Size is everything at Christmas and your oven is no exception.
No more meters: lets make energy a service not a commodity
Smoking, drinking and eating – public health should not be all about the individual

Reflections on the 2015 Lancaster power cuts
The pervasiveness of power
When is the power really on?
Where the power lies
What is going on?
– a four minute film we made following the 2015 Lancaster power cuts.

The Extraordinary Lecture – a 45 minute film of how the social sciences can help climate change policy, based on the Transitions in Practice fellowship

Waterhouses Village Hall  for the latest news from Waterhouses

Joss Shove – prints for a selection of nice pictures

Silent Night