PhD Students

Two new fully funded CASE studentships:

Transitions in the technologies and practices of office work:  Manchester’s administrative industries (1960-2017)  With Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. Closing date, 12th February 2018

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Situating Everyday First Aid: Social Practices and Settings of Incidents and Help With the British Red Cross. Closing date, 9th February 2018

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Just get in touch if you are interested in doing a PhD relating to any of the topics I work on: social practice theory, energy and policy, everyday life, consumption, material culture, infrastructures, space, time and a whole lot more.

Current PhD students

Torik Holmes – space, social practices, infrastructures, urban, Manchester, co-supervised with Stanley Blue

Carolynne Lord – tablet computers, integration, social practices, photography co-supervised with Janine Morley

Flavia Vintila – hotels, sleep, service-scapes, sheets and laundry co-supervised with Martin Brigham

Joe Gillett – materiality and practices of running and swimming, multiple material relations co-supervised with Nicola Spurling