The 2018 Intellectual Party

The Final Programme for the 2018 and the Book of Abstracts are now available.

Join us in the Waterwitch (pub – see map at the end of the book of abstracts) for a pre-conference drink on Sunday 1st July at 7.30.

And remember to bring shoes in which you can run around.. so you can play floorball.

Lancaster’s Intellectual Party/Summer Conference is a fantastic opportunity to meet with research students from around the world, discuss your work in a friendly and encouraging environment and engage with some of Lancaster’s renowned academic staff.  The Intellectual Party is more than just another conference – it combines academic challenge with a lot of fun as well!

All participants  present their research in either a themed or an open session. Presentations are for 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion.  In 2018 there will be thematic sessions on: Design; Health, space and social practice; Infrastructures, governance and consumption; Laws, regulations, standards and ethics; Literature and music; The arts and social change; Practice theory, actor network theory and related ideas;Things digital.

The intellecutal party includes a programme of workshops linked to some of these themes, plus open workshops on different aspects of writing, preparing research proposals and academic life. There is more information on themes and workshops and how to prepare for the intellectual party here.

There will also be:
Three minute thesis competition
A game of floorball
A mass book launch
A wine reception and BBQ
A spectacular Grand Finale

We look forward to seeing you in Lancaster this summer.
The Intellectual Party organising committee.

Thanks to all involved in supporting and contributing to this event, including Lancaster University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Lancaster University Management School, and the North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership.

What happened at the 2017 Intellectual Party

You can find a copy of last year’s Programme and Book of Abstracts if you want to get more of a sense of the event.  We also have some great pictures from 2017, and from previous intellectual parties.

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