Intellectual Party 2023

This event is a brilliant opportunity for research students to meet and collaborate with others from around the world, to discuss their work in a friendly and encouraging environment and to engage with ideas in a variety of formats.

Unlike a conventional conference, participants have the opportunity to share their research in different ways, discussing project descriptions and interacting in smaller groups as well.

Some of the sessions will be organised by theme. These include:

  • Thing DIGITAL – any aspect of the digital world
  • Things POLICY – any aspect of policy, governance, political process and law
  • SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – any aspect of research on science and technology
  • PRACTICES of all kinds – organizational, health/care-related, environmental and more
  • OPEN – ideas welcome on any other topic.

The programme includes a series of Craft Skills sessions (including topics such as Developing an Academic Identity, Preparing for your Viva, and Editing and Publishing in Academic Journals), a game of floorball, a  collaborative session with prizes for the group that invents the most intriguing hybrid PhD project, and a spectacular Grand Finale.

There will also be a ‘Three Minute Thesis’ competition with £50 going to the contestant who provides the most convincing, interesting and effective account of their thesis in just three minutes.

If you want to join us you need to submit a 250-word project description, and a picture of an object or an image that represents your PhD thesis.

The cost, which includes lunches, refreshments, drinks and a BBQ dinner on 29th June is £69 for those outside Lancaster and £45 for MA and PhD students registered at Lancaster.

Applications are now closed, but you need to pay and register by 1st May 2023

You will have all the details in your acceptance email, but any questions then just email us at:

Tweeting: @LUsummerconf     #IPLancs2023