Professor of Sociology, DEMAND Centre/Sociology, D19, FASS building, Lancaster University, LA1 4YD: email: E.Shove@Lancaster.ac.uk phone: 011524 510013

On this site you will find references to books and papers that I have written, materials from previous projects – including the extraordinary lecture and exhibition of ideas; details of current PhD students and links to bits of online writing and a few other things I’m involved with.

The Practice Theory at Lancaster web site is worth checking if you want to know about publications and events on that topic.

I was PI of the DEMAND (Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand) Centre (2013-2018), and continue as its Director until 2019 (we have a one year extension). The DEMAND web site has many other resources, including some short animated films setting out some of the centre’s main ideas.

I came to Lancaster in 1995 as deputy director of the Centre for the Study of Environmental Change and was director of the Centre for Science Studies for a couple of years before joining the Sociology Department in 2000.