Decolonising in the News


This Oprah Photo is Quickly Becoming the Latest Example of Digital Blackface (Refinery 29)

City of lost mosques: how Suzhou tells the story of China’s Islamic past (The Conversation)

Remembering the Black abolitionists of slavery in Yorkshire (The Conversation)


Addressing the histories of slavery and colonialism at the National Trust (National Trust)

‘I was shielded from my history’: the changes young black Britons are calling for (Guardian)

UK museums may have to follow ‘decolonisation‘ checklist (Telegraph) 

Humiliation and Policing the Borders of the University (Discover Society)

Eton College promises to ‘decolonise‘ its curriculum and hire more black teachers after appeal from parents and students (Daily Mail) 

Don’t Call me BAME. We need a new political language (Guardian) 

UK schools have targeted black children for generations – the education system is overdue for a reckoning (Independent)

Only a fifth of UK universities say they are ‘decolonising’ the curriculum (Guardian)

How American Power Dynamics Have Shaped Perceptions of Looting, From the Boston Tea Party to Today (Time)

As one of Oxford’s few black professors, let me tell you why I care about Rhodes (Guardian)

‘Students want to confront it’: academics on how to decolonise the university (Guardian)

Decade-long study shows why South Africa needs to stop stereotyping young black men (The Conversation)

Lying about our history? Now that’s something Britain excels at (Guardian)

Activists Are Pushing to Make Juneteenth a National Holiday. Here’s the History Behind Their Fight (Time)

Enlightened racism? (ABC Australia)

If #BlackLivesMatter, here’s how white people can show it (ABC Australia)

Imperial to review its history and legacy (Imperial College London)

Thinking with Gandhi on racism and violence: A letter to a friend (ABC Australia)

To reimagine Trafalgar Square is to redesign the curriculum (LSE Blog)

Can Non-Europeans Think? (Al Jazeera)

Strained Solidarities: On (re)building a mass anti-racist movement in Britain (Ceasefire)

White Supremacy Has Always Been Mainstream (Boston Review)

The Black British History You May Not Know About (BBC Newsbeat)

Explainer: what is systemic racism and institutional racism? (The Conversation)Seven Ways Businesses can Value Black Lives (The Conversation)

Statues are Just the Start (The Conversation)

From hurt to healing: my first confrontation with my own internalised whiteness was when living with a Black woman. This is how it went (The Medium)



Decolonise the curriculum for global relevance (Mail & Guardian, South Africa)

Academics: it’s time to get behind decolonising the curriculum (Guardian)

Students want their curriculums decolonised. Are universities listening? (Guardian)

‘Decolonise’ curriculum movement is spreading to schools, UK’s first black history professor says (Telegraph)



Daily Telegraph Admits ‘Decolonise’ Cambridge Curriculum Story Was Wrong As Student Lola Olufemi Condemns Newspaper (Huffington Post) 

Are Soas students right to ‘decolonise’ their minds from western philosophers? (Guardian) 

What did Cedric Robinson mean by Racial Capitalism? (Boston Review)

“My Family’s Slave” (The Atlantic)