• decolonisinglu@lancaster.ac.uk


Time: 31st of January 2024 from 1-2 pm

Location: Online on Microsoft Teams. LINK HERE

Beyond The Brochure’: Reimagining the Black British Student In Higher Education (Emmanuel Adeyemi-Abere)

Decolonisation has shifted from the periphery towards the center of discourses about equality within Higher Education Institutions. But how has translated to the reality on the ground for students? In the case of the Black British demographic, the answer is starkly little. Emmanuel Adeyemi-Abere shares his insights and experiences from a Summer Internship that explored barriers to the success of Black British students in Higher Education— and specifically the lessons learnt for Lancaster University


Approaching Decolonising Supervision (Felipe Sánchez Burgos and Yuhong Lei)

In this brief presentation, Yuhong and Felipe will share how they have started to think about supervision from a decolonial perspective, why now and what are they doing about it. Coming from their shared experiences as international doctoral researchers, they have work alongside Dr. Richard Budd to craft workshops aimed at PhD researchers in different settings, supported by decolonial literature on doctoral education and supervision. In this talk, they will reflect on what this has meant for them and the lessons they have taken from this work.