CUIDAR Project

The CUIDAR project: Cultures of Disaster Resilience Among Children and Young People (2015-18), was funded by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 Programme. The ESRC Children, Young People and Disasters Urgency project provided the stimulus for development of this European wide initiative.

CUIDAR logo competition

Children in Portugal designing the CUIDAR project logo

The CUIDAR project set out to enhance the resilience of children, young people and urban societies to disasters and enable disaster responders to meet children and young people’s needs more effectively. CUIDAR means to take care in Spanish and Portuguese.

CUIDAR produced a range of outcomes including a Child-Centred Disaster Management Framework for Europe.

The CUIDAR consortium consisted of an outstanding collaboration of researchers and practitioners who have both shared interests and a unique mix of skills and experience both inside and outside academia:

  • Lancaster University, UK
  • Open University of Catalonia, Spain
  • Save the Children, Italy
  • Save the Children, UK
  • The Institute of Social Sciences, Lisbon University, Portugal
  • University of Thessaly, Greece