How we work

We have conducted research with two groups of flood-affected children and young people in Surrey and North Lincolnshire. The research methods were designed to allow children to voice their experiences and thoughts in a safe environment. We used a variety of creative approaches in workshops including walking and taking photos of the local landscape, 3D modelling, drama activities and interviews. These workshops captured the children’s memories of the flood, what they did and what they would like to happen in the future.

Project participants beside the River Thames

Photographing the river

The Flood Project was structured in four phases, firstly to understand children’s experiences of the flooding and then to develop and share their Flood Manifestos for change:

  • Workshop 1 focused on the children’s individual experiences of the flood event.
  • Workshop 2 looked at community recovery and resilience.
  • Workshop 3 reflected on what we’d learnt and the children came up with actions for better flood management.
  • Stakeholder Events involved the children presenting their Flood Manifestos to a range of key decision makers.

Find out more about the ways we used different creative methods in this project: