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Clare Booker

Pandemic Airport



Pandemic Airport is a practice-based project, which explores the visual impact of coronavirus on airports, through creative methods.  This series of drawings and collages has been generated through appropriating and collaging images from media sources documenting the pandemic in 2020 / 2021.  The focus of the work is to investigate how the airport now looks and feels for both the people who work there and for the passengers who occupy the space. The work aims to prompt questions about what airports and air travel may look like post pandemic.  How will our spatial experience and movement in the space be affected?  There are visual clues to how the impact of social distancing is changing the appearance and layout of the airport terminal, through new and increased signage.  In the images produced, the airport workers have become the most prominent figures in the space, occupying the vast and relatively empty terminals, wearing personal protective equipment.  Once travellers begin slowly returning to the airport as restrictions ease, the spaces will become increasingly occupied and dense with activity.  However, post pandemic the airport will undoubtably look and feel very different.  Through further visual investigations I intend to continue observing and recording this transformed space.

 instagram: @clarebookerartist