Nuclear Futures

This one-off event, supported by the CSS and the Institute for Social Futures, and led by an interdisciplinary team of Lancaster University PhD students, will bring together academics with other stakeholders to explore our past, current and future relationships with nuclear power in the North West of England. It centres on a one-day event in late October 2021, in which participants will take part in a creative exploration of radiation and nuclear power in and around Lancaster and Cumbria. Nuclear Futures will culminate in the creation of various artefacts including, a radiation map, and other creative images and words on the topics of nuclear energy, radiation and contamination. The organisers will host an initial artefact presentation event in December on campus, ahead of the public display of some of the artefacts at The Storey in January 2022.

  • Date: 28th October 2021 (main event day)
  • Format: in person
  • Audience: By invitation or application

Talking STS

One a term, the CSS stages a dialogue between a Lancaster-based early career scholar and an external member of staff, around shared research interests. Each speaker presents for 15 minutes, which includes a response to one or more questions that the other speaker has posed them in advance, followed by plenary discussion.

  • Frequency: Once per term
  • Format: Blended if possible
  • Time: 1pm-2pm
  • Audience: Public

Emergent STS

The CSS runs regular meetings for members to present emerging work or issues for collective, constructive, informal feedback and discussion. Potential topics include but are not limited to emerging research, emerging applications for funding, debates in STS, or challenges that a CSS member may be experiencing (e.g. around journal submissions, institutional support, etc).

  • Frequency: once a month during term time
  • Format: blended
  • Time: 1pm-2pm
  • Audience: CSS members

Feminist Technoscience Summer School

The Feminist Technoscience Summer School runs every second year, and is team-taught by the very active community of Feminist Technoscience Scholars at Lancaster. The format includes lectures, text workshops (working closely with key texts), practice-based workshops (working with empirical materials), film screenings, socialising and activities outside the University. The object is to learn, debate and transform the topics that we study.

  • Frequency: biannual
  • Format: in person
  • Time: across 4 days
  • Audience: By application

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