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Transforming Clothes

Svenja Keune (Swedish School of Textiles, Borås), Irene Maldini (CREATE-IT/AMFI, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, VU Amsterdam)


What if clothes were designed as seeds?

Seeds embody an inherent potential to transform into plants with specific characteristics (shape, colour, presence of flowers and/or fruits, etc.) when influenced by external factors such as humidity, light and temperature. Following this concept, we pose the question: what if clothing had alternative, planned configurations during use, rather than degrading?

This inquiry is embedded in a garment that transforms in contact with water, sunlight and friction (use). Water dissolves the supporting structure of the embroidery, revealing the underlying fabric and the dynamic expressions of the embroidered lines, which change from straight and static to organic and dynamic. Sunlight changes the colour of these lines. Finally, engravings become incisions during use, changing the shape of the garment.

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