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postcardsfinal_Page_07Everyday Futures

Edited by Nicola Spurling and Lenneke Kuijer

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A selection of these essays has been published as a Special Topic for ACM Interactions, which can be found here.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Everyday Futures as an Area of Research
Nicola Spurling (Lancaster University) and Lenneke Kuijer (TU Eindhoven)
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“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”
Tim Chatterton (University of the West of England) and Georgia Newmarch (Lancaster University)
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Everyday Futures and Ethnographic Methods
Jill Ebrey (University of Manchester) and Isabelle Moussaoui (EDF R&D, Paris)
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Futuring Fashion from Everyday Life
Lizzie Harrison (University of Arts, London) and Angella Mackey (TU Eindhoven)
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Imagined Futures of the Circular Economy
Daniel Welch (University of Manchester), Margit Keller (University of Tartu) and Giuliana Mandich (University of Cagliari)
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Grow Your Own: space, planning, practice and everyday futures of domestic food production
Enrico Marcore (University of Aberdeen) and Nicola Spurling (Lancaster University)
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Going Digital: digital tools and the study of everyday home life
Tjerk Timan (Tilburg University) and Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs (University of St Andrews)
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Connecting Past, Present and Future
Rebecca Wright (University of London) and Colin Pooley (Lancaster University)
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“By Their [Data] You Will Know Them”: Historical reflections on capturing patterns in everyday life
Derek Gatherer (Lancaster University), Lenneke Kuijer (TU Eindhoven) and Ida Nilstad Pettersen (NTNU Norway)
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Future Making as Collective Composition: towards an inclusive design of smart cities 
Maureen Meadows (Coventry University) and Matthijs Kouw (Rhatenau Institute, The Hague)
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