Making Workshop. Artefact Blogs Collection

Electricity Thief

Ramyah Gowrishankar (Design Research Lab, UdK Berlin), Robin Smale (Environmental Policy Group, Wageningen University)


What if… we could engage with electricity in a tangible way?

Electricity plays a crucial role in facilitating our (future) daily activities. Yet, it is one of our most taken-for-granted resources. Humans cannot sense electricity; to compensate, our research artefact interacts with the electricity we use in our homes every day.

The Electricity Thief ‘travels’ around the home, rubbing against surfaces, and ‘grows’ slowly by converting ambient electricity into movement and inflation. Imagine a family in the near future discussing why the Electricity Parasite grew so large in the living room – the artefact triggers engagement the electricity as a resource which is always present around us.

Download full text [PDF]