Paradoxes of Healthcare Entitlements in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Crisis Response and Hostile Environments

17 -18 June 2021 | Online | Programme | Watch Keynote Lecture

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This workshop (one of a series of three) explores the conceptual and methodological challenges of research on healthcare for migrants, refugees and other mobile groups in the pandemic and post-pandemic context.

It has long been known to practitioners that barriers to healthcare for people without fixed legal status and/or residence are detrimental to public health. During the pandemic, emergency legislation in many countries acknowledged this, and sought to extend healtcare access to those excluded. But these were often temporary measures, and at best, unevenly applied. This workshop explores how responses to the crisis have affected groups made vulnerable through intersecting effects of immigration status, socio-economic status and position as ethnic minorities. It examines immobilities encountered along migratory journeys, and asks whether the emphasis on borders as a site of public health policy will further entrench hostile environments created in many countries to discourage arrivals and settlement.

See the final programme and the call for participants.

We are also thrilled to announce a new and exciting collaboration of the Doctors within Borders project with the poet and writer Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan who will join the discussions and lend her creative voice to help spread the word about our work to new audiences. Suhaiymah will engage with the research and presentations at the workshop and translate them into the language of poetry. Her work will be a lasting account of the paradoxes of the Covid era that we aim to address. Find out more about Suhaiymah and her work on her website and on twitter.


Keynote Lecture | Moving the Fence: Migrants, COVID and New Obstacles to Healthcare

The workshop starts on Thursday 17 June at 16:00 BST with a keynote lecture from Dr Tullio Prestileo.

Dr Tullio Prestileo is a medical doctor, specialising in infectious diseases, who over the last 20 years has been at the forefront of recieving and caring for migrants in Sicily. In this lecture, he will present a unique perspective into the challenges of delivering healthcare to people migrating during the Covid-19 pandemic, at a time when barriers to migration into Europe have been strengthened.

Dr Jess Potter, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine in the NHS, will respond before an open Q&A session.

Please see the programme for more about the lecture and the speakers.



Join us to hear from researchers and practitioners and to discuss some of the many issues in migrant health and entitlement to care highlighted by, and arising during, the pandemic.

You can take part in the whole workshop, the morning or afternoon workshop sessions or the keynote lecture only.

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