Two upcoming workshops: 17-18 June & 23-24 September 2021

The Doctors within Borders project held its first workshop in January 2020. We asked how refugees, people with an unsettled immigration status and persons without a fixed address access healthcare. We wanted to understand the challenges they experience and find out how practitioners go about delivering care to those mobile groups. The fact that not everyone enjoys equal access to healthcare was well known before the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has magnified health inequalities and exposed the marginal and unsafe nature of the lives of many social groups. In nationally configured healthcare systems people whose legal and residential status is unsettled are among those particularly disadvantaged. Building on the contributions from the first workshop, in 2021 we are convening two online workshops to:

(a) explore the conceptual and methodological challenges of research on healthcare for migrants, refugees and other mobile groups in the pandemic and post-pandemic context;

(b) set in motion a new research agenda in health and mobilities research, including people-centered and mobile methods to improve comprehension of healthcare services from migrant patient perspectives.

These online events will be of interest to researchers affiliated with universities, advocacy groups and other institutions. We have a small budget to facilitate the participation of colleagues representing healthcare, advocacy and activist organisations, and to bridge any digital divide. If you are in this category or would like to recommend a prospective participant who could benefit from modest financial support, please let us know.

Workshop 2: 17-18 June 2021 Call for Participants

Workshop 3: 23-24 September 2021 Pre-call announcement


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Doctors within Borders Workshops 2 & 3 announced