Healthcare on the Move: Future Directions

Online Workshop 3, 23-24 September 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis the calls return to normal are juxtaposed with demands to ‘build back fairer’. In this workshop we consider the role of research in challenging the return to normal in entitlement and access to healthcare for mobile populations. The centrality of ‘health’ in the disruption and evolution of (im)mobilities during the COVID and post-COVID world calls upon us to foreground the implications of an emerging ‘sanitary apartheid’ for mobile populations who already face global apartheid by dint of citizenship status (Heller, 2021). Consolidating key insights from Workshops 1 and 2, the aim of the final Doctors within Borders workshop is to support further collaboration between network participants to develop a future research agenda around health mobilities.

Further details about this workshop will be announced following Workshop 2. If you wish to receive the Call for Participation and otherwise stay informed of our activities please send an email to