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Welcome to CHIMED-3, the third
International Conference on Historical Medical Discourse

The third International Conference on Historical Medical Discourse (CHIMED-3) was held at Mary Ward House, London (UK) on 11th-12th May 2023. You can now watch the recordings of the talks from CHIMED-3 on YouTube and follow the event on Twitter using #CHIMED3. For a written summary of the event, we invite you to read the blog post about the event, co-authored by Hanna Schmueck and Emma Putland.

About us:

The conference series was initiated in Milan in 2017 and focuses on multidisciplinary research into European historical medical discourse. We welcome studies drawing from linguistics, literary studies and history – among others – to present a comprehensive and well-rounded view of medical discourse in Europe.

Conference organisers

Conference secretaries

A man smoking whilst throwing medicines out of the window.
Advert for Massary cigarettes showing a man smoking and throwing some medicine through a window – “Die beste Medizin”. By: Leonhard F. W. Fries. Published: ca. 1940. Wellcome Library, London (