December 17, 2016

Report explores Paris-compliant healthy food systems

The Global Food Security (GFS) programme has published a new report considering healthy food systems that could function within the boundaries of the Paris Agreement, following a workshop in September 2016.

Key findings include the high importance of mainstreaming messaging on the connection between food and climate change to encourage positive food system change, and that it would be highly unlikely for us to meet the terms of the Paris agreement without acting on the food system.

The workshop aimed to explore what a food system that better supports health while also being compliant with the Paris Agreement might look like in practice, and mechanisms by which this kind of food system might be realised.

The purpose of the workshop was to develop a shared understanding of the existing knowledge in this area, while also moving thinking on to identify the most viable intervention points across the food system for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions while also improving health.

An interdisciplinary and cross-sector group of participants identified a number of opportunities for progressing activity on climate, health and food; these also included: improved communication to all stakeholders, building on existing knowledge and experience, and a number of knowledge gaps that could be addressed through further scientific research.

Read the report: Workshop report: Paris-compliant healthy food systems (PDF 3.5MB).

Article source: Global Food Security