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subtext regrets to report that many staff returned from their Easter break and logged on to read their email, only to be confronted by a truly horrific image.

Their face.

Emails on campus were previously accompanied by a brightly coloured circle containing the sender’s initials, but no more. Our photos have been imported from the HR portal to the Office 365 system, meaning that the process of checking through one’s emails is now akin to scrolling through a Facebook timeline. In the average day, a staff member might expect to be confronted by their self-portrait several hundred times – a terrifying prospect.

Fortunately for the less egocentric amongst us, it’s possible to change our picture by going to our profile, clicking on the image and replacing it with something more friendly. A majestic landscape, perhaps, or a bunch of flowers. Maybe a nice EU flag. Anything to avoid that gurning visage.