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Some colleagues in Leadership and Management, facing the imminent dissolution of their department and their transfer – if they’re lucky! – to Organisation, Work & Technology or Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Innovation, have expressed disappointment at what they see as the thin business case presented by the Dean of LUMS, Prof Angus Laing, to justify this restructure. Perhaps the Dean should have consulted some experts in organisational change within business schools . . .

. . . like, for example, the experts at Nurture Higher Education Group, http://nurturehighered.com/, a consultancy firm founded in January 2017 which provides ‘ongoing longer-term support to assist schools in working through major change programmes’ and can offer ‘unrivalled guidance geared towards enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of their institutions.’ They’ve got offices in Covent Garden – well, they’ve got an address in Covent Garden, managed by Garden Studios at 71-75 Shelton Street – and an impressive array of associates. Anyone wishing to avail themselves of Nurture’s consultancy services should contact its Chairman, Prof Angus Laing.