subtext Still Wants You

One would be forgiven for thinking that the handful of names at the bottom of each issue of subtext represents the full number of people responsible. As editors, we’re primarily responsible for making everything look nice (or as nice as 10pt Courier New can look, at least); the real meat of each issue is largely the result of our correspondents (both credited and uncredited, both regular and irregular), without which subtext would not be able to carry on.

Our publication frequency is a function of how much we receive from our correspondents: we don’t have an issue until we have enough content to fill one.

We’ve posted a few adverts for new editors, but what we really need is more contributors. So, if you have something worth sharing (be it a report from an event you attended, an article on Lancaster Uni history, an opinion piece, a tip, etc.) please do drop us an email at

Finally, we don’t imagine we’ll ever find ourselves included in any official orientation material for new starters, so please do share us with any colleagues you know who may be interested in, but have yet to be exposed to, our parochial muckraking exploits.

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