Although SCAN has covered Bowland College’s cancellation of Founders (the intercollegiate sportsing contest between Lonsdale and Bowland Colleges) in some detail, we thought we’d at least add our disappointment to the pile. Founders was, er, founded, in 2004 to salvage the vibrant rivalry between Lonsdale and Bowland Colleges, which was threatened by Lonsdale’s impending relocation from Bowland’s doorstep to the newly built south-west campus. The reasons given, that Lonsdale College violated a bye-law they had no part in writing by allowing PostGrads and alumni to play, are risible, and actually go against the principles upon which the tournament was founded. subtext suspects that these are mere excuses, and part of an SCR implored shift away from ‘boozy’ on-campus events that are becoming increasingly frowned upon.

SCAN’s report can be found here:

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