Student Bloggers

Name: Manuella

Studying: BA Economics and International Relations (Ghana)

From: Ghana

Hobbies and interests: I like to read, watching intriguing crime tv shows, hang out with my friends, and once a while go on adventures.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University Ghana? I love the learning environment, as well as the room given to students to express themselves.


Name: Sean

Studying: MSci Hons Computer Science (with Industrial Experience)

From: Malaysia

Hobbies and interests: Music takes the top spot: I spend most of my time writing songs, singing, listening to music or strumming on my guitar. I’m also garnering a CD collection for albums I love and feel are personally influential. Other than that, I enjoy watching a few anime series and playing games on my Nintendo Switch.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? The mellow environment lets me take things at my own pace. Being away from the busy, grey atmosphere of other city universities I feel safe and a little cosier, allowing me to ensure my focus stays on myself and my education. In addition, the standard of education challenges me and makes me feel like I’m getting the most out of my degree.

Name: Deji

Studying: BSc Marketing (Ghana)

From: Nigeria

 Hobbies and interests: Laughing until I have to remind myself to breathe. Finding new great movies to watch (and watching them). Scrolling through YouTube and putting videos in the “Watch Later” playlist, then realising that I am, in fact, going to watch them right then. Though I suppose if there are plural videos, then some of them would still be watched “later”. But sooner than might have been, you know? Is there a word limit on thi-


What do you like about studying at Lancaster University Ghana? Lancaster University Ghana shows me every term, that I am capable of handling more than I imagine. Upon the completion of nearly every task/coursework/presentation/”group” work, I am genuinely surprised by whatever standard I’ve been able to achieve.


Name: Santhosini

Studying: BSc Hons Business Studies

From: India

 Hobbies and interests: I am currently involved with the Lancaster Hip Hop society, and it a definitely a great way to end the day by doing something you are passionate about and also got recruited into the LUMS student ambassador team recently, so I am looking forward to working on a variety of tasks with other students. I also swim occasionally as well, and I also inclined towards art and music and like to pursue them when I have some spare time.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? Coming from completing my high school in an Indian based curriculum of learning, which was oriented basically around memorising large quantities data and focused more on knowledge of content on broader spectrums, the learning methods in at Lancaster emphasised more on the understanding and in depth analysis of information and made sure we don’t just learn content for the sake of it but also find its practicality in everyday life. In this university we are also encouraged to choose our own modules, subjects we are inclined to enjoy learning based on our strengths and weaknesses rather than having to learn a fixed portion of subjects that was assigned depending on the level of learning.


Name: Safiya

Studying: BA English Literature 

From: UK

 Hobbies and interests: In my spare time, I enjoy reading for leisure, watching films and spending time with my family and close friends. I also love creatively writing with pieces ranging from poetry and prose to screenplays and scripts, and I am an avid baker.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? I enjoy the facilities and opportunities that are readily available for students. These include places for leisure such as cafes and College social spaces, as well as the incredible libraries. The campus is a very safe and diverse space, which makes it a comfortable and enjoyable location to work and study. Lancaster University has done incredibly by being an all-inclusive University and, being a young Muslim student, I sincerely appreciate the Islamic Prayer Rooms that are very much like normal Mosques. They are well kept and well facilitated.


Name: Jojo

Studying: BSc Hons Economics

From: China

Hobbies and interests: I like racket sports, I play tennis regularly. I like studying, as I feel knowledge can bring me happiness (I am interested in everything, from natural sciences, to languages etc)

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? Everything! University really opens up my eyes, and Lancaster is a perfect place for me to thrive, it is a place that will certainly help me to reach my potential!


Name: Sophia

Studying: LLB Hons Law

From: Greece

Hobbies and interests: My hobbies as I am growing up are different. So, in the past I had as a hobby photo shooting of landscapes, later many kinds of sports from a very young age and as I am growing up I want more intellectual hobbies to cultivate myself, such as debating societies and literature societies or learning languages.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? I like studying at Lancaster University because it gives me as a student many opportunities in my field of study and to broaden my horizons or cultivate and explore what I like and make it as much as I can better.


Name: Becky

Studying: BA Hons History

From: UK

Hobbies and interests: I volunteer at a local brownie unit every week, and have helped out with them on day trips. I love film and music so enjoy going to the cinema and gigs. Hobby-wise, I like to embroider, which I began in the summer, and also enjoy reading, with a lot of it being historical and therefore linking to my degree. I also go to a weekly pub quiz with my housemates and some flatmates from last year.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? The diversity of content of the degree scheme, the environment of the university and the people you get to meet while you are here.


Name: Will

Studying: BSc Hons Entrepreneurship and Management 

From: UK

Hobbies and interests: Keen football player, cyclist, Musician, Runner, Reader and charity work. Interested in Rugby Union, Football, Movies, Military, politics, Social media and fashion.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? The library its almost infinite usable resources and the immensely helpful library staff and the learning zone and other study rooms, such as my college (Cartmel) study rooms that are tailored almost perfectly to satisfy your needs .The amount of academic support available regardless of your course and the independent college support you can receive. The location of the university allowing a picturesque work environment, and allowing work and home space to be physically separated.


Name: Klaudia

Studying: BBA Hons International Business Management

From: Poland

Hobbies and interests: My greatest hobby is travelling. I do love exploring new places and meeting new people. I am also interested in cooking and a healthy lifestyle.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? I enjoy every day since I came here and can surely say it was one of the best decisions of my life. The campus life and having everything gathered almost at one place makes university students feel like one family. The societies and numerous events organised by university like Roses make university life much more interesting and diverse.


Name: Navesh

Studying: MSc Business Analytics 

From: India

Hobbies and interests: I love to travel – I have explored almost the entire of India, and though I had just one day, I was able to cover most of London. I am a huge movie buff and an avid quizzer.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? The open and welcoming nature of the instructors and at Post Grad level there is nothing right or wrong, better or worse. Its about having opinion and understanding how our target audience (corporate clients, Healthcare services, academia) will react to it.


Name: Maria

Studying: MSc Management

From: New Zealand

Hobbies and interests: At Lancaster, I am part of the Yoga society, and try to fit that in as often as I can. I love travelling and exploring new places. I also enjoy reading, but I have to admit, I do spend a lot of my time watching TV-shows and movies.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? I like the teaching approach that professors at Lancaster have. They are very dedicated to the student and try to keep you engaged during class and afterwards with the assignments. You do walk out of the classroom feeling like you actually learned something. The amazing campus also adds to the experience of studying at Lancaster.


Name: Caitlin

Studying: BA Hons English Language

From: UK

Hobbies and interests: I play college netball multiple times a week, I also enjoy writing for Her Campus Lancaster, SCAN and The Tab, so I enjoy writing articles in my spare time. I also love going out with friends to the cinema and for meals, as well as taking trips to other areas around Lancaster. I am very interested in Journalism and Marketing and have a keen interest in social media and advertisement, which my dissertation is going to surround.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? I like the college system, everyone is connected and seems to know each other so it’s nice to have friends across the whole of university. I also like Lancaster the place – the countryside, city and amazing campus – it’s very different to any other place in the UK I’ve been to before. I like that my field, English Language and Linguistics, is very high up and prestigious at Lancaster too, so I know what I’m learning is accurate and taught by the best lecturers who know what they’re talking about.


Name: Sophia

Studying: BA Hons Religious Studies

From: UK

Hobbies and interests: I love writing, but another one of my hobbies is reading. I spend most of my time with my head in a book, or out socialising with friends, with pub quizzes being my favourite way to wind down after a very busy University day!

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? Studying at Lancaster University has allowed me to be far more independent than I was able to do at sixth form. I am now able to plan my own days around my lectures and seminars, and I am given a greater reign on what I would like to study. Being taught by academics who have literally written the book on their particular fields is extremely exciting, if sometimes a little bit daunting!


Name: Carlos

Studying: PhD in Management Science

From: Peru

Hobbies and Interests: I love taking pictures, sightseeing and also in my country I used to enjoy going to the gym for fitness classes.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? I like meeting people from different parts of the world, different cultures, knowledge, customs and traditions.



Name: Jetoluwa

Studying: BSc Psychology

From: Lagos, Nigeria

Hobbies and interests: I like to read, write and learn new things. I also love to meet new people and visit new places. I suppose I’m quite curious about the world.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University Ghana? I love the fact that students are constantly exposed to beneficial opportunities such as the LU student blogger opportunity. I feel that, as a student of Lancaster University Ghana, you’re literally being prepared to not just to survive but more, to thrive in the real world.


Name: Kofi

Studying: Law

From: Accra, Ghana

Hobbies and interests: Listening to music, watching movies, television series and shows, reading the news and, sometimes, novels.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University Ghana? The class sizes are small, making it easy for the lecturers to connect with the students. The environment at the University is also conducive to effective learning.


Name: Hannah

Studying: BA Hons Advertising and Marketing

From: Brough, East Yorkshire

Hobbies and interests: I absolutely love being creative whether this be through social media, blogging or designing and redesigning my room! I also have a passion for horses (and cats – I have 3), and I was fortunate to spend my summer in America taking care and riding them. I’m also a little bit obsessed with coffee shops, which Lancaster luckily has a wide variety of! I also love travelling and hope to be able to continue to see more wonderful places after I graduate.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? Honestly, I think my favourite thing is the beautiful location. Campus itself has so much lovely green space and the city is full of quirky little hidden gem’s that makes living here exciting and homely.





Name: Anna

Studying: BA Hons French and Linguistics

From: Bolton (UK)

Hobbies and Interests: Fashion, blogging, writing, playing the flute and piano, cooking, travelling and learning languages.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? I like studying in a multicultural environment where I feel my opinions are heard and valued and my beliefs are accepted.


Name: Catherine

Studying: MSc Electrical Engineering

From: Bury (UK)

Hobbies and Interests: Most of my spare time is spent with friends but I also enjoy reading horror mystery fiction. I also enjoy sketching and being amongst cats.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? Lancaster University has a sense of community and being part of a college gives you somewhere to belong. It’s easy to get support in everything from personal well-being to academic support for your learning.


Name: Ruth

Studying: History

From: Gloucestershire (UK)

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing and learning about the Tudors. I also volunteer for Unicef and being a member of the feminist society is also really interesting.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? My course as the History course is so interesting and the student like in Lancaster is so great.


Name: Nevena

Studying: Business Studies

From: Bulgaria

Hobbies and Interests: I like people who are passionate about what they are doing and sharing stories is something extremely inspirational. My hobbies include travelling and dancing.

What do you like about studying at Lancaster University? The cultural diversity students are able to encounter.