Group leaders:

Prof. Alec Thomas

Studies the physics and applications of high power laser interactions with plasma. Applications include advanced, miniature particle accelerators, next generation photon sources and inertial fusion energy.

Dr. Louise Willingale


Post-doctoral researchers:

Dr. Stephen Dann
Dr. Yong Ma
Dr. Charlotte Palmer

Researcher with an interest in high intensity laser plasma interactions ; ion acceleration ; energy transport ; laser-driven shocks.

Dr. Daniel Seipt

Working on non-linear strong-field QED effects in the interactions of high-intensity laser pulses with particle beams and plasmas, and laser-driven X- and gamma-ray sources.

Dr. Matthew Streeter 

Working on the generation of high-quality beams from laser wakefield accelerators, high-rep rate laser-driven particle acceleration and non-linear plasma optics.

PhD students:

Dave Scott


Oliver Finlay

Working on the creation and applications of novel x-ray sources utilising electrons accelerated via laser driven plasma wakefields.