Pump Prime Funding

Lancaster University, as part of the HEFCE N8 Agri-Food programme, will invest £522K between April 2016 and March 2020, in part to support collaborative projects, workshops and outreach activities. This programme will be in partnership with equivalent funding pools within the other 7 partner Universities.

Lancaster University academic applicants are invited to bid, for pump priming grants that are notionally between £500 to £15K per application, to support LU activities related to Agrifood research in collaboration with N8 partners. Larger bids may be covered, under exceptional circumstances.

All projects must:

  • Include at least one more N8 institute partner
  • Demonstrate a clear pathway to a future more substantial funding bid
  • Be fully costed through RSO before submission

Latest call announced 26th July 2018: 

The Lancaster N8 AgriFood Programme is pleased to announce a further round of Pump Prime funding to help develop research activities in the AgriFood sphere in collaboration with other N8 Universities. We will accept bids of no more than 9 months duration up to a maximum of £15,000. All bids must include at least 1 additional N8 partner and successful bids must be completed no later than 31st October 2019. The deadline for this call is 5pm 28th September 2018.

Proposals relating to crop and soil innovation, policy impact and farming engagement will be particularly welcomed.

For more information please contact Katerina Psarikidou a.psarikidou@lancaster.ac.uk or Shane Rothwell s.rothwell1@lancaster.ac.uk

Submissions  will be assessed by panel after the closing date.  Application forms can be requested from Ali Birkett (a.birkett1@lancaster.ac.uk). Completed applications should be returned to the same address.