Successful Pump Priming bids funded so far:


Local Pump Priming

  • Andy Wilby (LEC); Real-time imaging and motion tracking of pollinating insects in field conditions, in collaboration with Patrick Gaydecki, University of Manchester
  • Jaime Puertolas (LEC); Smartphone technology application to infrared thermography for use in precision agriculture, in collaboration with Bruce Grieve, University of Manchester
  • Linda Hendry (LUMS); Local Food Supply Chain Resilience: The Brexit Effect? In collaboration with Jillian MacBryde and Peter Ball, University of York
  • Elizabete Carmo-Silva (LEC); Delaying turnover of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco), in collaboration with Christine Foyer, University of Leeds and Plant Metabolism Laboratory (Labplant), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dept, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Mariana Rufino (LEC); UK soya production for economic and environmental benefits, in collaboration with Julia Cooper, Newcastle University
  • Benjamin Neimark (LEC); The Price of Vanilla: Can ethically-traded commodities help reduce poverty and food security in Madagascar? In collaboration with Rosaleen Duffy & Dan Brockington, University of Sheffield and Homeopharma Natural Products Company, Madagasger
  • Nick Hewett (LEC); Understanding the flows of energy, nutrients and pollutants through the global food production-supply-consumption system, in collaboration with Tim Benton, University of Leeds, Jennie Macdiarmid, The Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen and Mike Berners-Lee, Small World Consulting Ltd, Lancaster
  • Emmanouil H. Papaioannou (Engineering); Novel bio-chemical approaches for the sustainable exploitation of beetroot processing waste for high value products, in collaboration with Christine Bosch, University of Leeds, James White Ltd (UK), Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM, Italy), Biopowder Technologies Ltd., Milton Keynes
  • Katerina Psarikidou (Sociology); Empowering Community Food Innovations: Developing experimental knowledge-exchange spaces for AgriFood Resilience in Todmorden, in collaboration with Ben Campbell, Durham University, Pam Warhurst (Incredible Aquagarden Todmorden) and Nick Green (Incredible Farm)
  • John Quinton (LEC); Increasing drought resilience in peri-urban soils, in collaboration with Karen Johnson, Durham University and Cathy Clarke, Department of Soil Science, Stellenbosh University, Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Phil Haygarth (LEC); Soil biochemistry dictates the “global phosphorus use efficiency” in crop food production systems, in collaboration with Vahid Niasar, University of Manchester
  • Gabriela Toledo-Ortiz (LEC); Levering traditional Mexican tomato agrodiversity and knowledge to develop climate resilient, high-nutrition cultivars, in collaboration with Christine Bosch and Lisa Marshall, University of Leeds; Agronomists Guillermo Rojas, Rojas Oaxaca and Ivan Osorno and Manuel Villegas, Tlahuac, Mexico City; Architect Esteban San Juan, Secretary of Culture and Arts, Oaxaca; Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez-Pacheco, Autonomous University of Mexico City(UACM); Elena Lazos Chavero, National Autonomus University of Mexico (UNAM); Marco Antonio Vazquez Davila, Oaxaca Technological Institute (ITVO); Alejandro de Avila, Oaxaca Ethnobotanical Garden; Alfonso Larque, CICY Yucatan Peninsula Biodiversity Conservation Centre; Alternative market farmers in Mexico City (Tlalpan and Salto de Agua); Organic farmers from Productos del Momoxco Cooperative, Tlahuac, Mexico City; FAO Agricultural World Heritage Traditional Chinampa farmers, Xochimilco and Tlahuac, Mexico City; Farmers from El Trapiche cooperative, Oaxaca.
  • Nick Ostle (LEC); GasLab – in situ quantification of grassland C and N cycling with a new mobile isotope and trace gas laboratory, in collaboration with Dave Johnson, University of Manchester and Les Firbank and Simon Peacock, University of Leeds
  • Ian Dodd (LEC); Exploiting photobiology to maximize resource use efficiency and consumer acceptance of urban plant factory products, in collaboration with Peter Wally and James Johnson, University of Liverpool
  • James Frazer (LEC); Co-creating climate-resilient agroecosystems with eastern Amazonia’s last forest peoples, in collaboration with Dominick Spracklen and Emanuel Gloor, University of Leeds
  • Claire Waterton (Sociology); ‘Hypermetabolic N’: exploring the social life of nitrogen in UK agro-ecologies, in collaboration with Julia Cooper, Newcastle University
  • Tim Douglas (Materials Science Institute); Food2Bone: novel food waste-derived composite biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration with antibacterial activity, in collaboration with Raechelle D’Sa, University of Liverpool, Lucie Bačáková, Czech Academy of Sciences, Elżbeta Pamuła and AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
  • Martin McAinsh (LEC); Elucidating the molecular basis of lettuce tipburn, in collaboration with Julie Gray, University of Sheffield and Steven Adams, Plant Impact Ltd

Strategic Pump Priming

  • Dr Katerina Psarikidou (Sociology, FASS): Exploring the potential of Local Food Hubs in Deprived Areas: Enhancing Knowledge Exchange for Developing Best Practice Guidelines