Event 2: Reading List

Event 2

For Friday 26 March, Session 2: The Case History as Genre

Please note, paper 4 is the key primary text reading, a modern-day case report from The Lancet (only 1 page long)

Irma Taavitsainen and Päivi Pahta, ‘Conventions of Professional Writing: The Medical Case Report in a Historical Perspective’, Journal of English Linguistics, 28 (2000), 60-76

Brian Hurwitz, ‘Form and Representation in Clinical Case Reports’, Literature and Medicine, 25:2 (2006), 216-40

Dwight Atkinson, ‘The Evolution of Medical Research Writing From 1735 to 1985: The Case of the Edinburgh Medical Journal’, Applied Linguistics, 13 (1992), 337-74

Shanika Samarasekera and Paul J. Dorman, ‘The Case of the Forgotten Address’. The Lancet, 367 (2006), 1290

For Saturday 27 March, Session 2: Reading Group – Object Narratives in Medical and Scientific Literature

William Macmichael, The Gold-Headed Cane (1827). (Read The whole book if possible but definitely Chapters 1 and 2 about Radcliffe and Mead).

Ludmilla Jordanova, ‘Portraits, People and Things’, History of Science, 41 (2003)

Mark Blackwell, ‘The It-Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England: Animals and Objects in Circulation’, Literature Compass, 1 (2004), 1-5

Simon Chaplin, ‘Nature Dissected, or Dissection Naturalized? The Case of John Hunter’s Museum’, Museum and Society, 6:2 (2008), 135-51

Joanna Baillie, ‘Lines on a Teapot’

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