Student Blog: Helen – “Goodbyes are the worst (why you should go abroad for a year)”

So, it’s been around a month since my last post; exams finished around two weeks ago (thankfully) and all the results I’ve got back so far have been good (this will change with the typology course, rest assured). Once exams had finished I spent a week in Tübingen with friends, meeting up, relaxing and trying to keep sanity around whilst they continued with exams (I think the latest ones finish next week). On Monday I returned to England and have been floating around doing not much until now, but I have several trips around the UK planned for the coming weeks to keep myself busy and make the most of this holiday!

The main point of this post is to convince you to study abroad for a year, rather than just a semester. Here’s why:

  • If you only go for one semester, you’ll just get to know all these amazing people, and just when you get really close you have to leave. It sucks.
  • More time abroad = more time for travelling whilst you’re in mainland Europe (everything seems a lot closer)
  • If you study abroad for one semester, you still have to pay the full year’s fees at Lancaster (which was £9000 for me), whereas if you study abroad for one year you pay considerably less (this year it was 15%, which is £1350)- so there’s a monetary advantage
  • If you’re worried about getting homesick being abroad for a year, it does fade after the first month. If you choose to stay within Europe, getting home isn’t that difficult anyway- for me it was around 6 hours total to get from door to door.
  • Goodbyes suck. Let me elaborate.

The thought of leaving Tübingen for a month and a bit wasn’t a nice one, at least for me. I really love it over there, but a lot of what has made that the case is the people I’ve met. People- some of which- are only there for one semester (Master’s/3rd year’s of a 3 year degree) and obviously when I left I was saying goodbye for (really hopefully not) the last time. It does not get easier.
So, save everyone the heartache of doing goodbyes to some people halfway through by staying the full year, then everyone can be sad at one point, ok? Great.

Anyway, I need to pack for my trip to Lancaster tomorrow (time to experience the rain again), so I best get going. Talk soon?