Student blog: Helen – “Whirlwind – The first week”

As of today I’ve lived in Tübingen for a month, and the past two weeks have really flown. Classes (finally) started last week, and it’s safe to say that the extra weeks off will be quickly made up for! The workload here is definitely more than first year in Lancaster, but talking to friends from back home has reassured me that second year is a step up for everyone. I think part of the difference is exaggerated by my module choices this year; I’m taking some courses in Computational Linguistics (essentially a cross between Computer Science and Linguistics), so learning even the very basics of coding is more difficult as I’m used to dealing with- well- words. I believe it’ll be worth it though, and coding is something I’ve wanted to learn for a fair while now, so at least I have the motivation!

When I’m not in classes, or the library, or at home working (read: a small amount of time) I do Fitness Boxing and Zumba, each once per week. After the first few days of lectures I was worried I wouldn’t have time to go, but it’s great to be able to take time off work and keep my mind off everything for an hour and a half, as well as meeting people I wouldn’t usually. Each course was 35 Euros for the semester (until mid-February), which works out as just over 2 Euros per session! The slots fill up really fast though, so make sure to be online when the links go live, and to pay on time (else your place will be given to someone else).

The best part of this past week has definitely been seeing my parents, who came to visit on the weekend. It was lovely to see familiar faces, catch up, show them around Tübingen, and get my bike fixed (as well as having my fridge stocked, trying some traditional German food, walking in the autumn leaves and, to my delight, having some English foods brought over).

Whilst I could write more, I probably ought to stop procrastinating (oops) and get back to work. Talk soon?

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