Investigating the early inflammatory events occurring at the initiation of mesothelioma within the pleural cavity

FALC of the Omentum
Fat associated lymphoid cluster within a body cavity adipose tissue

Investigations are underway to try and unpick the inflammatory cascade that is initiated within the pleural cavity following arrival of multi-walled carbon nanotubes.  We aim to determine the role of FALCs within the pericardium & mediastinum in the co-ordination of pleural cavity inflammation in order to better understand how mesothlioma develops & can be targeted.

This project is currently funded by the Sir John Fisher Foundation.

These in vitro & in vivo studies are complemented by clinical investigations quantifying the immune environment of pleural fluid isolated from patients with mesothelioma in a collaborative project with Dr Claire Rooney of the Beatson Institute. This study if funded by a Mesothelioma pump-priming grant from the AUK-BLF Partnership.