Dr Lucy Jackson-Jones- Senior Lecturer in Immunology. Lucy studied Immunology at the University of Edinburgh before completing a Wellcome Trust funded 4-year PhD in the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Disease. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2013, her thesis on the Alternative Activation of Dendritic Cells was completed under the supervision of Prof Andrew MacDonald. Lucy spent two years at the Institute of Immunology and Infection Research in Edinburgh as a PDRA in the laboratory of Prof Judi Allen prior to joining the Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences in 2015 as a PDRA in the laboratory of Dr Cecile Benezech. Lucy moved to Lancaster University in Spring 2018 to establish her own group and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2023.

Dr Sheila Macharia – PDRA. Sheila joined the lab in October 2021 and works on an UKRI-MRC research funded project investigating the role of oxidised phospholipids within the pleural space. Sheila’s undergraduate degree was in Human Biology and Biochemistry at Keele University and her Masters degree in Immunology of Infectious Diseases is from LSHTM. During her Masters program Sheila trained in the Diagnostics and Laboratory Systems Program at CDC-KEMRI in Nairobi, Kenya. More recently, Sheila wrote her doctoral thesis on the ‘Role of Eosinophils in Maintenance of Barrier Function during Gastrointestinal Infection’ under the supervision of Prof. Sheena Cruickshank at the University of Manchester.

Nadia Iqbal– PhD Student/PDRA Nadia is currently writing up her thesis which investigates the innate immune response during mesothelioma-like inflammation of the pleural space. Nadia’s project focuses on novel pre-clinical models that utilise multi-walled carbon nano-tubes. Nadia investigated the role of Fat Associated Lymphoid Clusters & fluid phase immune cells and their role in the initiation of cancer. Nadia’s undergraduate degree was in Biomedicine at the University of Manchester (UoM) after which she completed a 1-year MRes in Translational medicine studying miRNAs in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia also at the UoM. Nadia went on to work as a scientific officer at the CRUK Manchester institute as part of the clinical and experimental pharmacology group working on a number of clinical trials investigating circulating tumour cells for 3.5 years. Nadia spent a year working on Rheumatoid Arthritis associated SNPs as part of the ARUK functional genomics group at the UoM before joining the Jackson-Jones group in August 2019. Nadia is  remaining in the Jackson-Jones group as a PDRA to continue her work on mesothelioma.

Chloe BarnesChloe Barnes- PhD Student. Chloe joined the group in December 2021 and works on a collaborative project co-supervised by Dr Mick Urbaniak, Dr John Worthington and Dr Neil Dawson. ‘Investigating the Tropism, Immunology and Pathology of African trypanosomiasis’ Chloe’s PhD studentship is funded by Lancaster University Faculty of Health and Medicine

Otto Wheeler- PhD Student. Otto joined the group in October 2021 and works on a collaborative Immuno-oncology project supervised by Dr Leonie Unterholzner.  ‘How is the immune system alerted to persistent replication stress and DNA damage in keratinocytes during immunosurveillance against cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma?’ Otto’s project is funded by North West Cancer Research.

Ivo Basilio Queijo- MRes Student. Ivo joined the group in October 2023 and is working to understand the role of mesothelial versus immune sources of CXCL10 within the context of bio-persistent fibre exposure of the pleural cavity. Ivo undertook his undergraduate degree at Lancaster University.

Nadia Iqbal (Left) Sheila Macharia, Lucy Jackson-Jones, Alex Hardgrave, Chloe Barnes (Right)
The Jackson-Jones lab August 2023

Lab alumni:

Alexander Hardgrave, Research Technician 2021-2023

Michael Voong UGRIP Intern Summer 2023

Karolina Bentkowsksa NWCR Intern Summer 2021

Nadin Fathallah Research Technician 2019-2020