CASEI conducts original inter-disciplinary research in a range of areas relating to inequalities, with a core focus on issues relating to care and caring relations. It draws upon the individual expertise of Centre members and affiliates, as well as collective understandings which are underpinned by the mission statement. Our research is participatory, collaborative and cutting-edge with a focus on developing impact and engagement in challenging and reducing inequalities.

Research is organised around four main themes:


This theme focuses on bounded inequalities by space, place and time and builds upon significant international expertise within the Department in the following areas:


Inequalities continue to shape the lived experience of the modern world. Understanding and acting to counteract them is essential for the future of the planet. This theme consolidates existing research reputations in a range of inequalities:


Lancaster University has an international reputation in studying and challenging intersectional inequalities. The Centre uses this expertise to develop thinking in a number of areas:

See the new Transforming Economies of Care seminar series


This theme encompasses knowledge on culture, media and digital technology which encompass inequalities as well as reimagining and realising alternatives. This relates to existing expertise and research strengths across the University including: