Martial Lives and Transformative Experiences

Martial Lives and Transformative Experiences is an interdisciplinary project run by Liz Brewester (Faculty of Health and Medicine) and Sam Clark. It is supported by the MOD’s Aged Veterans Fund via the Royal British Legion. We use a combination of qualitative interviews, workshops, and philosophical argument to investigate: (1) the therapeutic benefits of autobiographical storytelling for military veterans; and (2) the applicability of the philosophies of autobiography and of well-being to veterans’ lives. We aim both at understanding the nature of martial lives in time, and at interventions to improve the lives of veterans.

Philosophy of Psychiatry

Rachel Cooper and a number of PhD students work on problems in the Philosophy of Psychiatry. Lancaster hosts a long-running annual Philosophy of Psychiatry Work In Progress day (usually in June), where PhD students, and more established scholars, present short works in progress.

Reproductive Donation

The Donation and Transfer of Human Reproductive Materials is a programme of research led jointly by Rosamund Scott (Professor of Medical Law and Ethics at King’s College, London) and Stephen Wilkinson (Professor of Bioethics at Lancaster University). It is funded by a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award in Ethics and Society.  The research considers the ethical framework for the donation and transfer of human reproductive materials (such as eggs and sperm), coupled with the implications of this framework for clinical practice, law, policy, and regulation.  Specific issues presently being examined include ethical and legal questions  raised by in vitro gametogenesis, mitochondrial replacement, and uterus transplants.

The Reproductive Donation website is here: