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Philosophy of Psychiatry – work in progress day – 7 June 2019

This workshop is free to attend, but please register by emailing

Cavendish Colloquium , Lancaster University.

Draft Schedule

11-11.30 Moujan Mirdamadi – Do idioms of distress have explanatory power?

11.30-12 Sam Fellowes – Psychiatric symptoms, like psychiatric diagnoses, are constructed: methodological issues and epistemic consequences.

12-12.30 Alistair Stewart – Loose talk about psychosis.

12.30-1 Dieneke Hubbeling – What kind of information needs to be given?

 1-2 Lunch – own arrangements

2-2.30 Hane Maung – Pluralism and incommensurability in suicide research.

2.30-3 Alex James Miller Tate – What is palliative psychiatry (and what could it be)

3-3.30 Rachel Cooper – The concept of mental disorder revisited.



Podcasts from Philosophy and Psychopathy day


Audio recordings Philosophy and Psychopathy – 21st Sept 2018, Storey Institute, Lancaster

Thomas Schramme (Liverpool) ‘What can we learn from cases of psychopathy for a theory of moral agency?’


Gloria Ayob (UCLAN) ‘Psychopathy as a disorder of valuing: Revisiting Cleckley’s psychopaths’


Rachel Cooper (Lancaster) ‘Problems with cross-cultural conceptions of psychopathy’