Graduate researchers in the Materials Science Institute at Lancaster University are undertaking three-year PhD projects which provide interesting insights into developments in materials science and may have implications and benefits for your business.

If you would like to know more about a project and if you would like to contribute to the research or be informed about progress and its findings, please contact us.

Alessio Quadrelli

Alessio Quadrelli

I’m a physicist, graduated from Universitá degli Studi di Milano in 2020, and I am currently a PhD candidate at Lancaster University. I’m fascinated by creating and analysing novel materials, in particular, polymeric and 2D ones. Furthermore, I become a DataViz enthusiast once I learned to code.

My research focuses on developing nano-scaled surface coating through plasma polymerisation, potentially useful against microbes, as well as studying 2D polymerisation through atomic force microscopy. I look forward to working with businesses to employ my expertise in surface sensitive techniques (XPS, AFM, Raman spectroscopy) and material fabrication to optimise products with an actual impact on the world.

Amy Crisp

Amy Crisp

I’m Amy, a Graduate Researcher part of the GISMO project at Lancaster University. Prior to this I completed an integrated Master’s degree in Chemistry evaluating the usefulness of Raman spectroscopy for cell study. My current research centres around understanding biofilms, and particularly acknowledging and understanding the impact these microorganism communities have on anti-microbial resistance. Through my work I am examining the route to biofilm development using Raman spectroscopy, as well as modes to prevent biofilm development in clinical settings by exploiting plasma polymer coatings. I particularly enjoy the connection between small scale academic research and industrial scale application.

Dean Grierson

Dean holds a 1st class BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Lancaster University and is currently a postgraduate researcher for GISMO working on Enabling Functionality Through Design for Additive Manufacturing. His current research interests focus on machine learning integrated design for additive manufacturing techniques for enabling mass customisation of lattices. In this area, Dean is currently working on a machine learning implementation to generate individualised midsoles for athletic footwear and is looking forward to applying these methods in other areas. Dean hopes to further these recently developed techniques alongside industry to enable functional mass customisation through machine learning assisted design for additive manufacturing.

Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts

Returning to study from industry, I have been a PhD student since January 2021. I have an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering, a Masters Degree in Systems Engineering Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management and was awarded Chartered Engineer status by the Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2014. I have sixteen years’ experience in engineering and project management. My PhD is investigating techniques for multi-material 3D printing, using a new technology that combines metal powders and wire within a single printing process. I look forward to working with industrial partners to investigate how this technology can be exploited.

Noah Wright

I originally studied my BSc in Chemistry at Keele University and my final year project entailed the design and synthesis of supramolecular gels. In 2019, I joined Lancaster University, studying an MSc. The project was linked with a pharmaceutical CRO, Apex Molecular, who are based out of Alderley Park in Cheshire and the project involved the synthesis of a library of bioactive chiral pyrrolidines. Working with a partner company was a really valuable experience as part of my MSc and as a result, I jumped at the opportunity to study my PhD with GISMO, here at Lancaster University, giving me the opportunity to continue to work with companies as part of my research. I am currently studying my PhD in synthetic chemistry as part of the GISMO programme and I am focused upon hydrogenations /reductions. At the moment, I am developing a range of hydrogenation catalysts to be used in both standard and flow chemistry, and I am looking forward to working with companies and applying these catalysts to the synthesis/ development of their targets.

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