GISMO runs a range of workshops and events focusing on advances in materials science and how they can benefit you and your business. 

We are especially pleased to invite Cheshire and Warrington SMEs to join our events to gain insight into the latest research challenges in materials science, and to find out more about how the GISMO project can help you.

Upcoming events

Battery Research: Visions and Missions

Friday 1st October 2021 | 9 – 10am

Rechargeable batteries are at the centre of the ongoing decarbonisation of the global energy system. They are the key element in electric vehicles and they are essential for energy storage in the electricity grid.

Visions in battery research include the quest for higher energy densities and shorter charging times, whilst making sure that neither the supply chain nor the end-of-life recycling impose burdens on our planet or our society.

Lancaster University’s research in the battery field splits into two main missions: (a) developing better batteries for the future and (b) making better use of the technologies that are already available.

Future technologies are frequently mentioned in the media. Prof. Harry Hoster will highlight the intrinsic gap between a laboratory discovery (as often hyped in the media) and battery technologies that play a role on an industrial scale.

He will suggest that there are viable business opportunities in technologies that already are scaled up or are on a clear path to become so.

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