HQR Bullet Camera


The HQR-C2 is a small DVD-quality digital video recorder that can be headmounted. It is a Picture in Picture (PiP) high-quality bullet camera (or ’sports’ camera) system for both in-car or on-bike setup.


  • MPEG 2 and 4 video recording.
  • 32GB CF card support.
  • 8hrs recording on one card at full quality.
  • Battery back-up system.
  • 720 x 576 resolution.
  • 8000kb/s bit rate.
  • Supplied with suction mount.
  • Internal mic with external inputs for additonal mic or Intercom connection.

Kit Inventory

The following items come with the kit. Please contact FASS IT Workshop if any items are missing as soon as possible.

  1. DCS HQR-C2 PiP Digital Video Recorder
  2. material bag
  3. UK Mains Charger
  4. IR Remote Control
  5. Camera dual split cable
  6. 16GB Dogcam high Speed CF
  7. Card reader
  8. USB cable A to mini
  9. UTP Ethernet cable
  10. 2 x 2m camera lead extension
  11. LANC camera remote
  12. CD manual
  13. HQ2 Headset mount
  14. 2 x Camera mount
  15. 2 x HQ Bullet DSP Colour CCD Camera
  16. 2 x lens covers
  17. Hard Carry case
  18. Belt Clip
  19. Lemo twin input video cable

Kits Available

There is 1 kit available, identified by the university asset code FS01484 / Serial Number ?