Welcome to the Industry Engagement and Knowledge Transfer Series (IEKTS)

The Department of Accounting and Finance and the Centre for Financial Econometrics, Asset Markets and Macroeconomic Policy at Lancaster University Management School have a long tradition to engage with leading global financial institutions, investment companies, government and regulatory agencies. Over the last years, we have established several highly successful partnerships, such as the Lancaster-Invesco Research Partnership, the Lancaster-Robeco Research Partnership and run a series of related high profile conferences. We take the liberty to work closely with top practitioners and the largest asset management companies. As a group, we believe that deeper connections with industries and government agencies make our research more impactful and relevant to the real world.

The purpose of  this Industry Engagement and Knowledge Transfer Series is to

  1. invite conversations between leading practitioners and our highly active research group and student community;
  2. develop meaningful joint research partnerships with top practitioners and government agencies to contribute to the best practice or policy making.