Clair, A., Fledderjohann, J., & Knowles, B. (2021). A Watershed Moment for Social Policy and Human Rights? Where next for the UK Post-COVID. Bristol University Press. ISBN: 978-1447363842


Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Fledderjohann, J., Channon, M. (2022). Gender, nutritional disparities, and child survival in Nepal. BMC Nutrition, 8 (50), 1-15. DOI: 10.1186/s40795-022-00543-6. 


Other Publications:

Healy et al. (2022). The NCRM wayfinder guide to equitable research relations in and after Covid-19. Wayfinder Guide for the National Centre for Research Methods.

Fledderjohann, J., Clair, A., & Knowles, B (2022, July 4). Feeding the Future? Evidence on Food Insecurity in the UK. Centre for Child & Family Justice Research Policy Brief Series, Lancaster, UK.

Kroeger, Carolin, Aaron Reeves, and Jasmine Fledderjohann. (2022). “Higher Temperatures are Associated with Short-term Increases in Food Insecurity – A Natural Experiment Across Indian States, 2014-2017″. SocArXiv. June 23. doi:10.31235/

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