CEDS UK call for participation 

The deadline for submissions has now closed.  If you have submitted an abstract to the conference you will be notified as soon as possible if your submission has been successful.


Research groups from the Alan Turing Institute, Lancaster University, Exeter University, British Antarctic Survey, University of Cambridge, Oxford University, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Glasgow University and Deep Science Ventures have come together to instigate a UK community-focused Conference on Environmental Data Science (CEDS). We invite proposals for pico talks paired with posters to be presented in Lancaster from 5-7 July 2022. 

The purpose of the conference is to bring together the growing UK EDS community, bridging the academic/government/industry interfaces, to share technological developments and current challenges, and catalyse further research and development. 

We would also like to solicit contributions of hands-on sessions from non-university groups, that will enable participants to get their hands dirty working in teams on data science challenges. We envisage a session to consist of approximately two hours, working on laptops, with some data and substantive questions provided by the session organiser. We anticipate participants will quickly get to grips with the basic problem then move into diverse experimental advanced approaches with the data. Please email to set up a meeting to co-develop any ideas you may have with the conference organisers.

The conference has four main themes: 

  • EDS infrastructure (including statistical and computing techniques) 
  • Net zero (how data science is supporting attempts to get to net zero) 
  • Extremes (methods of measuring, modelling, and evaluating extreme situations) 
  • Resilience (how we build and evaluate systems that are resilient to the changes we face). 

However, we are keen to include all EDS researchers who are keen to attend, and these themes will be extremely broadly interpreted. 

If you would like to contribute a pico talk with poster, please submit a 1-page abstract using the link below by Tuesday 19th April 2022. Notification of accepted talks are expected to be made in April 2022. 

There will be a small charge to attend this conference to cover costs.  This will be in the region of £100.