Teaching Disability Studies to Social Work Students

20-21 May 2009

Image: Social Work Education Special Issue

Special Issue of Social Work Education Cover

CeDR is hosting a two day symposium on teaching disability studies to social work students.

The aim of the symposium was to share and develop ideas about teaching disability issues within social work education from a disability studies perspective. Central themes are

  • What is the disability studies curriculum for social work?
  • Threshold concepts in disability studies
  • Pedagogical connections between disability studies and social work
  • The role of disabled and non-disabled people in social work education
  • Overcoming the alienation of parasite professions
  • The art of the possible: social model practice
  • Mainstreaming the social model in social work education.

The symposium was part of a broader stream of work concerned with the teaching of disability issues in higher education  being developed by CeDR.


Morgan, H & Roulstone, A. (2009) Teaching Disability Studies to Social Work Students  Paper presented to the 11th UK Joint Social Work Education Conference, University of Hertfordshire 8-10 July 2009.

Special issue of Social Work Education. The International Journal: Disability Studies and Social Work Education edited by Hannah Morgan and Alan Roulstone 2012 31 (2) including contributions from CeDR members:

Morgan, H, (2012) ‘The Social Model of Disability as a Threshold Concept: Troublesome Knowledge and Liminal Spaces in Social Work Education‘ 31 (2) pp. 215-26 DOI 10.1080/02615479.2012.644964